Hack'n Jill—best new NYC hackathon?!

Jacks, Jills, volunteers, sponsors, judges, and everyone else involved in making this event possible—from the bottom of our hearts we thank you. Our inaugural event #HackYourSummer was amazing!

Great people

We had almost exactly 100 participants, with more than 40% women. Some people came from as far away as California and Louisiana!

David Bernal, Jeremy Pease, Dionne Grayson, and Juliana Berger work on Hands Up!.

What does it feel like to be at a tech event with equal men and women?

“When I walked into the room, I didn’t feel like an anomaly. I didn’t feel like my skills needed to be questioned. Hacker girls just like me were all around–in numbers that I didn’t even know existed.” —Sophie Chou


Great Hacks

We know it’s hard to build an app in a day but if you give it a try, you might surprise yourself :) . By the end of Saturday, we had 25 awesome projects. Everyone did a great job and we had to make some hard decisions to pick the winners commercial water slides for sale:

1st Place: StreetSmart Don’t Get Mugged!
Marc Howard, Miriam Melnick, Julia Teitelbaum, Angel Martinez, and Missy Kayko mashed up crime data with Google walking instructions to get you home safely.

2nd Place: Workspaces
Theresa Summa, Nikki Stevens, David Dworin, and Hendrika Makilya made an app that helps you find good spots for pounding out work, with info on wifi, outdoor space, and seating/power outlet availability.

3rd Place: Bed Battles
Daniel Alabi, Phillip Quiza, Allie Riggs, and Jason Wright created a game to help you wake up in the morning. Challenge your friends and at the specified wake up time, you’ll get a text message to start a short game. Your friends can bet on the outcomes using Venmo, if you care to make it interesting.

Honorable Mentions: Coob Your Own Adventure and CrowdKeg
Ramzi Abdoch and Carl Majeau made a real world RPG and Jillian Adel, Matt Ruzicka, Karen Feng, and Jackson Lin made a “Kickstarter for Kegs”.

Best use of Yipit API: Wing Woman
Anna Zhu, Patrice Liang, Don Yu, and Sophie Chou made dating in the city a little bit more affordable and fun with daily deals from the Yipit API.

Best use of Mashery AND Best Video Hack: Music Mood
Koushik Dasika, Aisha Green, and Arjun Anand won two prizes for an app that scans your facial expression for emotion, and plays a song that matches how you feel.

Best use of SendGrid: Senti
Michael Schonfeld made an app that compiles the sentiments contained in your daily e-mail to tell you whether the crowd in the cloud is loving or hating you today.

See all the projects on our Hacker League page.

“This is what second place looks like” via @drnikki

We can’t say thank you enough!

Thanks to all our sponsors (SendGrid, Mashery, Yodle, Twilio, Boxee, Temboo, Yipit, StackOverflow, and Microsoft), with a double thanks to AppNexus (shoutout to Cristina Girgis and Jessica Edwards!) for providing a terrific space, a never-ending supply of food, and constant support.

nom nom, Saturday lunch—delicious Kati Rolls aka Indian burritos!

Thanks to our judges, Antonia Abraham, Shai Goldman, Rachel Sklar, and Catherine Williams.

Shai Goldman, Rachel Sklar, Catherine Williams, and Antonia Abraham are judge-y.

Thanks to all our volunteers for making us look like we’re really good organizers!

And of course, thanks to everyone who came and hacked. You guys made this a great event and showed everyone what the future of tech looks like!

Bedazzled by API demos on Friday night

Share your experience with us

If you have any pictures from the event, or you wrote a blog post, please send them our way—we’d love to share them! Stay connected to us via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for updates on future events and activities. Also please drop us a line anytime!

Missy Kayko and Juila Teitelbaum whiteboarding up a storm for Don’t Get Mugged

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