Hacksgiving Is The Best Giving

We’re back! Hack’n Jill’s 2nd NYC hackathon is just a month away. Join us November 9th and 10th for Hacksgiving—a hackathon with equal numbers of men and women, focused on building apps for social, global, and greater good.

New location!

We’re really excited to have the awesome people at ETSY hosting us. Etsy is a online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods and has been a leader of supporting women in tech. Their offices are in the heart of DUMBO, a burgeoning hub of technical innovation. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to decorate your home with hand-spun pottery and paper mache astronauts, you’ll love taking a peek into the cute and quirky Etsy headquarters.

Mr. Grit stands watch

New Partners!


We’re working with three other New York organizations:  New York Tech Meetup, Girl Develop It, and Control Group. We love these organizations not only for what they’ve done for women in tech but for their active and positive roles in the New York tech scene. Each of these organizations is working hard everyday to create a more equal and diverse world. Special thanks for their partnership and support.

NY companies demo to the capacity crowd at NYTM’s monthly meetup

New and Better Prizes!

It’s not always about the prizes. But if you’re in it to win it,  our Hacksgiving prizes are bigger and better. Prizes will include:


Join us on Nov 9th and 10th! Tickets are free and you can sign up on eventbrite.



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