Hacksgiving Recap: The 51 Percent Hackathon

Wow, what a November.

After a hurricane, an election, and an amazing hackathon, it’s hard to believe it’s already Thanksgiving.

Before we make a quick trip down memory lane, we’d like to give an ENORMOUS THANK YOU to everyone—Jacks, Jills, volunteers, sponsors, partners, judges, mentors, guests and more—who made Hacksgiving a smashing success.

Mingling on Friday night before presentations

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51% Female

We’re thrilled to announce that Hacksgiving was 51% female.

You know what else is 51% female? The United States. Coincidence? Probably not.

Watching api presentations at Etsy on Friday night

Here at Hack’n Jill, we believe equal representation is the first step in building better products. We’ve set a new standard for the hackathon community, and are extremely grateful for everyone’s help in getting us to this point.  We’re looking forward to helping other communities and events achieve the same ratio.

The Winners

We hosted Hacksgiving at Etsy Labs in Dumbo, and we told lots of jokes, took funny pictures in their free photo booth, spent the night at NYU Poly, and ate amazing ice cream and donuts the size of our faces.

We also hacked. Check. Out. These. Projects. It was a tough decision for the judges, and for all of us, but here are the winners. To see all 18 submitted projects, check out our Hackerleage page.

Hacking overnight at NYU Poly

Overall Winners

1st Place: Disaster Remote Response by Haris Amin and Raquel Hernandez

2nd Place: Reply for All by Courteney Ervin, Alec Turnbull, and Matthew Hamilton

People’s Choice: Tranquility by Grant Kot, Gene Demo, Bilal Quadri, Sharon Li, and Josh Greenman (check out the poetry they inspired on HN)

API Winners

Microsoft: Win Flip by Amit Jotwani

Twilio: Disaster Remote Response

Sendgrid: StormSurge by Hannah Chen, Patrick Cushing, Nicole Dominguez, and Kevin Galligan

Mashery: RoomMatch by Alex Bisker, Alex P, and Lynda Wellhausen

Pearson: Voluntarily by Evie Borthwick, Ana Becker, Lauri Apple, and Alexandra Schieren

Behance:  StormSurge

SpotifyWoof by Eric Ho and Stanley Wong

What We’re Thankful For

Thank you again to all our sponsors: Etsy, Microsoft, Pearson, Behance, Yodle, Twilio, SendGrid, Redhat, StackOverflow, Spotify, Mashery, 10gen, and Thoughtworks.

Thank you again to all our partners: Control Group, Girl Develop It, and New York Tech Meetup.

Thank you again to NYU Poly for the overnight space.

Thank you again to all our volunteers and mentors.

Thank you again of course to all our fantastic Jacks and Jills!

Hacking is sweeter with free Phin and Phebes ice cream.

Share, Clean, Fix, Visit, Care, Give, Do

Hack’n Jill continues to grow because of you.

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