How to be a Computer Hacker

The world of hackers has always held a certain mystique. People can’t help but be fascinated by their extraordinary abilities to navigate complex computer systems and uncover hidden vulnerabilities. However, understand that hacking has a spectrum of intentions behind it. We’ll take a look at the realm of computer hacking and how to be a computer hacker.

Types of Hackers:

White Hat Hackers:

They, also known as ethical hackers, utilize their skills to safeguard computer systems and networks. White hat hackers work with organizations to identify vulnerabilities and offer security-enhancing solutions. Their primary focus is to ensure the safety and integrity of digital systems.

Black Hat Hackers:

Black hat hackers engage in unauthorized activities with malicious intent. They exploit loopholes in security systems to gain unauthorized access, steal sensitive information, or cause harm. Their actions are illegal and unethical. 

Grey Hat Hackers:

Grey hat hackers fall somewhere between the white and black hat categories. They may engage in activities without explicit permission but without malicious intent. Grey hat hackers often disclose vulnerabilities they discover to the system owner, sometimes after exploiting them to prove their point. While their actions may not be strictly legal, they operate with the intention of benefiting the security community.

How to Hack:

Acquire a Linux/Unix Operating System:

To embark on your hacking journey, familiarize yourself with Linux or Unix, as these operating systems offer a range of tools and utilities that aid in hacking. These systems provide flexibility and customization options crucial for exploring the intricate aspects of hacking.

Learn HTML and a Programming Language:

Learning a programming language such as C along with HTML allows hackers to write scripts and create tools for specific hacking tasks. This knowledge will provide you with a solid foundation for exploring the technical aspects of hacking. 

Explore the Dark Web:

The dark web is that part of the internet that is a haven for illicit activities. It makes it a potential source for hackers to gather information, tools, and resources. However, you must approach the dark web with caution and adhere to legal and ethical boundaries.

Cultivate a Problem-Solving Mindset:

Successful hackers possess a creative and problem-solving mindset. Hacking involves thinking outside the box, identifying vulnerabilities, and finding innovative solutions. Embrace challenges and foster an attitude of continuous learning and curiosity.

Master the Art of Anonymity:

Maintaining anonymity is important for a hacker. Using virtual private networks (VPNs), the Tor browser, and practicing good operational security (OPSEC) will help protect your identity and activities.


Computer hacking is complex and multifaceted and has a diverse range of intentions and actions. Understanding the different types of hackers, from ethical white hats to malicious black hats, allows us to appreciate the ethical responsibilities and positive potential of hacking skills. Aspiring hackers should prioritize ethical hacking practices, acquire technical knowledge, and develop problem-solving abilities. The responsible exploration of the hacking world can lead to a better understanding of digital security and contribute to a safer online environment for everyone.

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